12 x 250 watt ET solar mono-crystalline modules on tin roof.

19 x 260 watt poly Winaico split array 9 east and 10 north facing panels on residential roof.

200 watt suntech mono-crystaline solar panels on front of house.

1.5kW System 8 x 190 watt suntech mono-crystaline panels on rural property.

Rooftop DC isolator with weather cover installed to AS5033 - 2012 Standards.

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Western Sydney Solar & Electrical

3.60 kW Growatt MTL inverter on outside wall with cable ducting.

3.0kw SMA inverter mounted on outside eastern wall.

19 x 250 watt poly Trinasolar honey poly-crysalline solar modules on cliplock roof with 10 degree radiant tilt frames to minimise the impact on the great view.

5.0kW power-one aurora inverter mounted in garage

Trinasolar honey multi-crysalline solar modules on tile roof.

Trinasolar black frame multi-crysalline solar modules on           36 degree tile roof with SMA 3 phase inverter.

30kw SolarEdge 60 x P600 optimised and 120 x 250 watt  lightway poly-crystalline panels with site monitoring

3.6kW System 20 x 180 watt black mono-crysalline canadian solar panels on tile roof.

5.0 Kilowatt Xantrex inverter with AC and DC isolators mounted in garage.